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A Stitch In Time

Fata Morgana
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Dr. Ronald Quincy - Sweet Muse of Newtonian Astrophysics

There are nine planets, and nine worlds in norse mythos, 9-storied pagodas are symbolic of heaven in China, in Islamic countries there are believed to be nine spheres of the world, Dante depicted 9 circles of Hell and 9 spheres of Paradise in his Divine Comedy, also in Norse Myth 9 billows maidens turn the norse mill of the world, and for the Celts Ariandhod's castle sat at the hub of the heavens, Ariadne had nine jewles in her crown - the northern crown, the pictograph of tet/teth looks like a wheel, the celtic year is represented by a wheel with eight spokes and a hub, the meaning of tet/teth is a coiled snake.
It is made clear that the nine consist of a leader (the center of the wheel) and eight others. This is strikingly illustrated in the Celtic year which celebrates the 2 Solstices, 2 Equinoxes, and 4 crossquarter days, which revolve around the hub of the seasons, Ariandhod's castle.